Sometimes I think about all the hypocritical, narcissistic and ungrateful things people do everyday and smile to myself.
Have you ever thought about how much nicer our lives would have been if it didnt have all these fucking hypocrites walking around with absolute freedom?

You keep saving their little asses and they keep pretending like they care. And then the one time you’re unable to save their tiny little ungrateful ass, they turn on you and tell you what a selfish person you’ve been all this time. Over and over again they will tell you off and make you feel like you’ve been the worst friend the world has ever seen and at the same time they expect you to save their ass. That’s when it makes you wonder, “Why am I even trying help this ungrateful little ass?”
Then you remember. Its because you’re a naive forgiving fool. Its because you’re a pushover. And sadly, you will continue down this path while fully knowing that you have been down this path a thousand times before. But you will still walk a thousand miles on these very thorny paths, ’cause well, thats who you are.

Some might call it naivety, others,  foolishness. But they’re actually just two sides of a coin.
We dont learn. We never do.
People are ungrateful and they always will be. They will push you down time and time again. But its up to us how we decide to deal with it. Will you be the kind of person who will take an eye for an eye or will you be the person who gets back up and gives them a warm smile?
The world will be a rainbow and a nightmare. It all just perspective.

Try to look at the rainbow. It makes your life a thousand times nicer šŸ™‚

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