Whats The Point?

I hear them talk, I read what they write but its just so full of bullshit it feels like its another language.

I know im in my teens and so no matter how mature I think I am, I am not. But its sort of sad knowing that everyone around you is stupider than they look. They act old, they talk old and they even pretend to be old but they arent actually old. I mean I really dont get it. How can they possibly think they’re mature and think they have all their shit together when everything that comes out of their mouths is utter bullshit? Everything they think, everything they say; its all so nasty and cheap. All those things they care about…about what dress that girl wore, the way some girl danced at some party, about how some girl is dating a senior. Why should these things matter at all? Whats there to talk about? Will talking about these save the world or cure cancer? Is talking about other people going to bring world peace?
I just dont get it.

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