Fumbletumble Stumbles

Friends are important. We all know that. No one denies their significance in our lives. But you never really realize how much you’ll miss a friend untill they stop being your friend.

Imagine talking to someone everyday about every single thing that goes on in your life and then one day that person just decides to leave. They know about the things going on in your life before anyone else does. They’ve been through all your mental breakdowns with you, all those nights PMS-ing. They were there every single night and day, made you laugh and even cry sometimes. One of the very few people who really know you inside out.
So when a friend like that leaves,  it sort of hurts. More than anyone can imagine. Its worse than losing a lover because sometime along the way, that friend becomes more than that. Its so pure, what you to have, that you dont want to ever lose that by trying to make it something more.

I realized, there is a very fine line between being bestfriends and being something more.

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