Expectations and Their Side effects

The thing about expectations is that when they arent met, they can hurt alot of people. And that look people give you, the way they talk to you afterwards reminds you how much of a disappointment you are. And trust me when I say, there isnt a feeling worse than that. You’d probably feel really bad if someone said shit to you and called you names but the minute that person says ‘Im disappointed in you”, for a minute your whole world comes to a standstill.

So when your parents tell you everyday and remind you everyday how much of a disappointment you’ve been, you wish you’d never been born.
But you reach the lowest low when you’re friends hint it too.
So not only do your parents think you’re a disappointment but your friends too. Why the fuck are you still even smiling?

And all of these things happen because people expect. No expectations, no disappointments.

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